Dedicated DNS and DHCP for schools

Faced with growing network complexity and demand, schools are increasingly finding that they do not have effective tools for managing DNS and DHCP in schools.

Over the past 20 years, ApplianSys has developed DNSBOX to deliver those tools for both DNS and DHCP in a single appliance that is:

  • Easy to deploy, easy to manage
  • Rock solid reliability
  • Cost effective – huge savings compared to enterprise DDI
  • Fully eligible on E-Rate

Crucially, we back this up with comprehensive support, providing direct access to expert technicians.

Schools deploy dedicated DNS and DHCP servers like DNSBOX to take control of vital network functionality. They are often prompted by network events or changes in technology strategy.


Cloud Migration

If your school is migrating network services to the cloud, DHCP is one service that really must remain on premise

DNS Service Replacement

Once the mainstay of DNS and DHCP for schools – Microsoft DNS and Apple servers are discontinued or no longer fit-for-purpose

Management Headaches

More devices and bigger networks need better visibility and control

The best DHCP server in the world

For 20 years, users have always rated the DNSBOX DHCP solution highly. So in 2021, we decided to rebuild it from scratch, informed by expert customer insight, to build indisputably the world's best DHCP server.

For schools, this means:


Since 2002, DNSBOX has served customers around the world in all sectors and sizes, including service providers, enterprises, educational institutions and government organisations. We integrate best-of-breed network application software from vendor partners and the open source community into our appliance wrapper. Simple, secure, reliable and designed to save you time and money. Schools and universities choose DNSBOX because, compared with alternatives, it is:

Saves time and money on deployment and administration

Makes DNS and DHCP more secure, reliable, and robust

More flexible – multiple choices

Comes with outstanding service – to make life easier

More affordable – saving on CAPEX

Easy to deploy and manage

World Class Support As Standard

We believe that the world's best DHCP server deserves world class support. Our aim is to make it easy for you to deploy and use our solutions and give you peace of mind.

We do this by offering a high-service support package and ensuring our whole team has the right attitude. Our people focus on being friendly and helpful, highly responsive and on "going the extra mile" to look after customers to the best of our ability.

E-Rate Eligibility

As a dedicated DNS solution, all DNSBOX models are eligible for E-Rate funding:
DNS Cache
DNS Cache + DHCP
Running low on your Category 2 budget? No problem! Even without E-Rate funding, DNSBOX is surprisingly affordable.

Think DHCP servers should be 100% funded?

We present evidence to the FCC every year on the status of connectivity in US schools. This year, we're gauging viewpoints on DHCP provision – complete our survey and share your thoughts.
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